Nearly all planning applications affecting the Parish are included on the Parish Council agenda for consideration. The Parish Council does not determine the planning application, its role is to notify the City Council of any local concerns.

Parish Councillors consider the applications and make comments to the City Council based on local knowledge and comments exchanged by the public attending the Parish Council meeting.

The final decision is always taken by the City Council.

To view details of planning applications, type the application number into the City Council search page accessed at

The application number is usually in the format 06/2016/0123.

Planning applications are assessed according to the local development framework. The Framework comprises of:

  • Core strategy
  • Local plan
  • Supplementary planning documents
    1. Affordable housing
    2. Re-use of employment premises
    3. Rural development
    4. Access to healthy food
    5. Design guide

The Local plan, affordable housing and rural development are frequently referred to when considering applications in Whittingham and these documents can be accessed here.