Community Infrastructure Business Plan

Community Infrastructure Business Plan

6th of May, 2021

Community Infrastructure Levy - often abbreviated to CIL - is a planning fee that developers pay to Preston City Council for most new dwellings and developments which create additional floor space of 100 square metres or more. 

When new development is approved in the Parish, the City Council collects a CIL levy from the developers and passes 15% of the levy to the Parish Council on the understanding the fee will be used to improve local services or infrastructure as a direct result of the new development or increased population.

Since the funding started in 2015, the Parish Council has 

  • Improved communication with residents by setting up the website and issuing quarterly newsletters,
  • Created a new footpath between Goosnargh Play area and the Village Hall
  • Provided CCTV and a defibrillator to the Village Hall
  • Added a War Memorial on Beacon Drive
  • Provided 'Welcome to Whittingham' boundary signs
  • Added a new bench and bin to Halfpenny Lane
  • Erected 3 solar powered speed indicator devices
  • Added 'Welcome to Whittingham Village Green' signs along with 5 new benches
  • Improved 2 Public Rights of Way to create 2 circular walks in the Parish. We will shortly be installing some lecterns to adertise the walks and leaflets will be available to download from our website.

The Parish Council has approx £127,000 in CIL monies (at the end of the 2020/21 financial year) which will be allocated to new projects listed on the CIL Business Plan which can be downloaded opposite.

Please continue to provide the Parish Council with ideas on how the CIL monies can be spent - however, ideas must relate to an increase in traffic or the additional demand on services caused by an increase in residents due to new housing developments.